Marion Richards Associates
Bid & Tender Management


Whether you tender for public or private sector contracts, Marion Richards can provide you with access to the specialist trainers who can develop and deliver training to suit the unique requirements of your organisation. With over twenty years of experience, knowledge and expertise in tender and bid writing, we are able to deliver a range of training for your teams.

Whatever your procurement knowledge requirements, Marion Richards can develop and deliver expert in-house training specifically focused on your needs, to ensure that your staff are fully aware of the latest procurement legislation, guidances, processes and practices.

Each course can be constructed to meet your organisation's requirements, and will include comprehensive course notes, slides, guidances and test modules.

Some Testimonials:

It is always good to learn the best way to go about completing an
exercise such as Bid/Tender Writing, when you are being trained by an
expert in the particular subject.

The information and advice that you gave was very informative and
useful. I would never have considered using an alternative colour or to
be more informal than formal.

I now believe it is probably these smaller details that can make the
biggest impact on a presentation and thank you again, for your time.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Found the course great, it reinforced some of the things I thought to be true and taught me some new ones too!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for sending the presentation.  The training was indeed useful and informative.  There were obviously some things that we already do, however, I learned many new ideas and will implement them in my next tender.

It is always good to refresh information anyway.

I got a lot from it.


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